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ZENEME Women Brass Gold-Plated Temple Coin Studded Layered Necklace


ZENEME Silver-Plated White American Diamond Studded Maang Tikka And Earrings Set


ZENEME Silver Plated White American Diamond Studded Maang Tikka With Earrings Set


ZENEME Silver-Plated White Heart Shaped AD-Studded Maang Tikka & Earrings Jewellery Set


ZENEME White & Yellow Gota Patti Maang Tika Earring Set


ZENEME Pink Rose & White Beads Gota Patti Maang Tikka With Earring


ZENEME Set Of 5 Multi Colour Gold-Plated & Stone Studded Mangtikka


ZENEME Gold Plated Floral Intricate Textured Jewellery Set


ZENEME Women 18K Gold-Plated American Diamond Studded Jewellery Set


ZENEME Rose Gold-Plated Pink & White AD-Studded Contemporary Jewellery Set


ZENEME White Gold-Toned Kundan & Pearl Beaded Multi-Stranded Jewellery Set


ZENEME Gold-Toned & Plated American Diamond Studded Jewellery Set


ZENEME Yellow & White Pearl Gota Patti Flower Jewellery Set


ZENEME Gold-Toned White Stone-Studded & Pearl Beaded Choker Jewellery Set


ZENEME Gold-plated Red Stone Studded Multistrand Choker Necklace & Earrings


ZENEME Gold-Plated White AD-Studded Jewellery Set


ZENEME Gold-Plated Green Stone-Studded & Pearl Beaded Jewellery Set


ZENEME Gold-Plated Silver-Toned & White AD-Studded Leaf & Flower Shaped Handcrafted Jewellery Set


ZENEME Gold-Plated Red AD Studded Jewelry Set


ZENEME Gold-Plated Red & White Stone-Studded Temple Jewellery Set


ZENEME Red 18K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Studded Handcrafted Jewellery Set


ZENEME Gold-Plated & White CZ Stone-Studded Jewellery Set


ZENEME Gold-Plated Textured With Intricate Detailing Necklace Set


ZENEME Gold-plated & White AD-Studded Triangle Shaped Jewellery Set


ZENEME Set Of 2 Gold-Plated Stone-Studded Beaded Handcrafted Anklets


ZENEME White Set Of 8 White Stone Studded Geometric Earrings


ZENEME Women Off White Classic Ear Chains


ZENEME Set of 2 Gold-Plated Multicoloured Stone-Studded Floral Ear Chain